Global Natural Commodities Trading and Logistics

About Us

About Us

Glenmex Naturlich Limited, as global industry leaders in energy commodities, metals, minerals and shipping business, We continues to leave its mark through viability and virtuous standards and deliver value to our customers in the business lines that we operate. We are premier trading and dry bulk carrier operating company with a sourcing and supply network spanning more than 25 countries in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia. We pride ourselves in upholding the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our businesses. With waste experience in commodity trading and shipping, we are strongly driven by customer centricity, and have, over the years, formed strategic alliances and partnerships with market leaders that have reinforced our role as preferred partners in international trade and business.

Leading international commodity traders and operator of bulk vessels

With expertise and inherited experience, we specialize in agri commodities, metals, minerals and ores for industries, managing the entire supply chain for commodity businesses. As our organization is deeply rooted in ethical business standards, we undertake all global trading practices by being cognizant of what we can deliver in the most efficient and righteous way.

GNL has grown to be known as a reliable global partner in the commodities trading arena. Having a strong origin footmark, GNL sources bulk commodities such as raw materials required for the food distributors, cement industry, ceramic industry, metals industry, and glass industry, with volumes of over 2 million metric tons annually. Being a professionally managed business with a strong heritage of noble values and ethics, we operate on a foundation of trust, integrity, quality and commitment, earning us the respect of our global partnerships. We embrace fair trading practices based on transparency and integrity.

We continued to deepen our visibility and understanding of our social and environmental footprints, and worked internally to more deeply embed principles of labour and human rights, health and safety, and environmental stewardship at an even earlier point in the design and development of our supplied products. We also pursued innovative sourcing practices, and worked with others in order to accelerate progress across the industry.


Our values are embedded in everything we do, with our people leading the pack as we advance in the industry.

We have a firm commitment to inclusivity, with our diversity of staff being able to bring forth different perspectives to the table. We believe that this is a fundamental and forward-thinking learning instrument that we utilize to cultivate a happy and conducive work environment for all. With our people at the forefront of our business, we continue to promote a growing network that embraces differences which ultimately add value to the company

Human Asset
We treasure, nurture and support our people. GNL embraces the diversity in talent which our staff contribute to our business, ultimately adding value and growth. We attribute our achievements to their capabilities and perseverance.
We honour our commitments and are dedicated in doing what we believe in while being aware of our promise to deliver what we commit to.
We consistently live out our values with honesty, sincerity, loyalty and respect as we commit to doing what is integral and right.
We value our trade partners and accord them the highest respect, consideration and goodwill.
Passion and heart is what guides us on our journey to success, living out our values and working together towards achieving superior results.