Global Natural Commodities Trading and Logistics

Metals and Ores

Metals and Ores

Glenmex Naturlich Limited is engaged in trading of metals and ores globally. We supply Ferros and non ferros metals and ores sourced from prominent producers and miners located in different countries. With a revolutionary idea and in-depth experience in the base metals and ore market, we provide holistic solutions for sourcing base metals and ores with taking care of all the processes in the supply chain, from producer to user warehouse facilities globally.


Aluminium, chemical element, a soft, lightweight silvery white metal and Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element in Earth’s crust and the most widely used nonferrous metal.

Aluminium is used in a huge variety of products including spacecraft, car bodies, aircraft, marine part, cycles, cans, foils, kitchen utensils, doors, roofing, window frames, beer kegs, paints, reflective surfaces etc.

We supply Aluminium in the form of

Aluminium Ingots
Aluminium Pipe & Round Tube
Aluminium Foil
Aluminium Sheet
Aluminium Plate
Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminium Bar

different types of Aluminium alloys such as ADC12, LM2, LM6, LM24 etc.


Copper is extremely ductile metal of Group 11 of the periodic table that is an unusually good conductor of electricity and heat. Copper is found in the free metallic state in nature.

As copper is ductile and a great conductor, The largest segment using copper is Electrical and Electronics which includes Power Utilities, Telecommunications, Lighting Devices, Wiring and Business electronics and also used widely in electric generators, household/car electrical wiring, and the wires in appliances.

We supply copper in the form of

Copper Strips
Copper Wire
Continuous Cast Copper Wire Rod
Copper Bars / Flats
Copper Square Bars
Copper Round Bars

Iron and Steel

Iron is simply a metal element that occurs naturally on Earth. In comparison, steel is a man-made alloy that’s made by mixing iron and carbon together and Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon with improved strength and fracture resistance compared to other forms of iron.

Our Steel Division transacts many types of steel products made by our supply partners, who are leading steel manufacturer. We provide many customers with these products by making use of the domestic and global sales network built through the long-term business partnership.

Our Major Steel Products are in form of:

Steel Sheet (Hot Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Coils, Coated Steel Sheets, Plates, Electrical Steel Sheets, Tinplate and others)
Steel Pipes and Tubes (Seamless Pipe and Tubes, Welded Pipes and Tubes, Large-Diameter Pipes, Pipes for Piling, Fitting and others)
Structural Steel (Section Steel, Wide Flange Shapes, Light H Shapes, Reinforcing Bars, and others)
Rods and Bars (Bars, Wire Rods, Bar in coils, Cold Finished Steel Bars, Welding Materials, and others)
Construction Materials (Steel Sheet Piles, Structural Materials for Civil Engineering and Construction, and others)
Other types of steel products, Stainless Steel, Titanium

Iron Ore

Iron ores are rocks and minerals from which metallic iron can be economically extracted. Ores containing very high quantities of hematite or magnetite (greater than about 60% iron) are known as “natural ore” or “direct shipping ore”, meaning they can be fed directly into iron-making blast furnaces. Iron ore is the raw material used to make pig iron, which is one of the main raw materials to make steel—98% of the mined iron ore is used to make steel.

Iron ore is a key commodity and vital product portfolio for GNL  As rapidly growing suppliers of iron ore from South Africa, our approach is to lift the ore from where it is produced in South Africa and deliver it directly to industrial end users or trading houses in Asia and Europe where it is demanded. GNL reliable long term access and can assure steadfast supply of 64.5% Fe Base, 62% Fe Base, 58.3% Fe Base and 58.0 % Fe Base grades of iron ore. However the Fe% of every shipment may vary. If the iron ore shipped is at a higher or lower percentage than the Fe % Contracted Base, then the price paid for the shipment will escalate or reduce in accordance to the percentage of Fe in the ore that is actually supplied. We are global suppliers of iron ore from Australia, India, South Africa and Brazil. We trade iron ore in Lumps, Fines, Concentrates and Pellets. Our primary focus is export of iron ore to China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Netherlands.

Manganese Ore

Manganese is a silvery-grey, hard and very brittle metal useful in the manufacture of important products which impact on daily lives of users globally. Manganese possesses chemical properties that make it an ideal input into the making of alloys. Manganese ore is processed into alloys with high manganese content which also includes iron. The most important of these alloys are high carbon ferromanganese (HC FeMn), refined ferromanganese (RF FeMn) and silica manganese (SiMn) alloys. Iron ore needs to go through smelting, into a usable metallic iron form, which is then used to make various types of steel. Manganese, Iron and Steel industries are intricately linked. It is an important raw material in the Iron and steel industry as it is used for hardening steel and prevents it from rusting. It is used in dry cell batteries. It is used in forming many alloys. It is used in chemical, glass and electrical industries.

As international suppliers of manganese ore, GNL endeavors to advance long term supply partnerships and global logistics through which we hope to support our esteemed clients across the world with high purity manganese ore and concentrate which meets the required international quality and standards. GNL readily sources manganese ore from South Africa, Gabon, Ghana and Zambia among others. Due to the diversity of our source markets, we assure worldwide clients of continuous supply and firm product availability coupled with flexibility in our delivery of a broad spectrum of manganese ores.

Bauxite and Alumina

Bauxite, known mostly as aluminum ore; is a naturally occurring, heterogeneous material composed primarily of one or more aluminum hydroxide minerals, including the trihydrate gibbsites, the monohydrate polymorphs boehmite and diaspore plus various mixtures of silica, hematite (iron oxides), siderite (iron carbonates) and other impurities in trace amounts. Most bauxite deposits contain rutile, anatase, zircon and other minerals. The main varieties of bauxite include: Metallurgical grade bauxite; Refractory grade bauxite; Abrasive grade bauxite; and Chemical grade bauxite. GNL is engaged in global trading and supply of both metallurgical and non-metallurgical grades of bauxite.

We are engaged in trading of bauxite and Alumina from Australia, India, Guinea, Ghana, Mozambique and other African countries to China, United States, Vietnam, Indonesia and European Union.

GNL buys and sells metals and minerals on a global scale to manage flexibility for our customers. With our expertise in metal trading, we are able to swiftly respond to market developments and optimize the entire metals and ores supply chain to meet quality, timing, and price requirements. We deliver products as per customers requirements by sourcing from competitive origins.