Global Natural Commodities Trading and Logistics

Bulk Shipping

Bulk Shipping

Transporting globally dry and liquids bulk cargoes weather it is metals, minerals or energy products.

Glenmex Naturlich Limited is a leading international operator of modern dry bulk vessels and oil tankers servicing its customers in their maritime transportation needs in the Handy size, Supramax and Panamax segments. Carrying entrusted cargos reliably and efficiently to smooth sailing across the supply chain of agricultural commodities, energy commodities, minerals and ores and gasoline.

At GNL, we take a personal approach to shipping. Established in 2003 in India, we provide ocean transportation services for dry commodities and gasoline, connecting our clients with vessels and providing tailored logistical solutions from our shipowners around the world with a personalised approach continues to serve our client’s freight and logistical needs.

GNL Shipping division provides reliable and excellent operational standards for the carriage of cargo across the chain of all touch points, ensuring execution efficacy and control. The shipping team currently handles the volume for clients, supporting logistical services through managing freight for dry and liquid cargo. The chartering desk works on different charters for moving cargo, providing support to the trading desk. We mitigate risk volatility using the expert advice of professionals in the business. GNL is dedicated to a customer-centric solution to help businesses succeed. We understand the vital link between the journey of traders and consumers.

What We Do

We provide freight and logistical services to transport dry bulk and liquid commodities around the world. As a ship operating platform that connects cargo with vessels and the most efficient shipping routes, we have strong relationships with shipowners around the world that give us access to a large fleet of vessels. Our global network means we have the agility to provide a wide range of chartering contracts that best meet our clients’ needs.

How We Do It

GNL strives to push industry standards of service, and the quality of our teams reflects this priority. Highly-skilled, driven, and collaborative, our teams around the world uphold the GNL standard of excellence and agility. We understand that the market is ever-changing and, with it, the needs of our clients. We are quick to adapt, casting our vision forward as the shipping platform of the future. Our experienced teams work with each client personally, ensuring the optimal shipping solution for any cargo.

GNL also manages a freight portfolio, providing freight services for our own needs and third-parties for dry and liquids bulk cargoes.